Setup / installation

Publiwall is a system that ensures your action visibility in the shortest amount of time at every suitable place for your advertisting campaign. The way it is built allows one person to fully deploy the system in less than 20 minutes.

15 minutes
1 person

Technical sheet


Width : 5,400.00 mm
Height : 7,450.00 mm
Area: 40.23 m2

Deployed dimensions

Height : 9,200.00 mm
Width : 6,000.00 mm

Transport dimensions

Width : 5,200.00 mm
Length : 6,000.00 mm

Technical specs

To garanty a deployment at every possible spot, we strive to develop a fully autonomous system. The use of battery packs and a generator garantee this independence. This ensures the use of external power supplies is not needed.

Far-reaching automatisation enable the Publiwall banner to fold fully automatically in hard weather. The re-deployment happens in the same way during good weather. This is made possible through the use of mobile communications.

The automatic energy system grants the possiblity to deploy the economical LED-lights to illuminate at every moment during the day to garantee a maximum visiblity.

All the actions during setup or redeployment of the system or substitution of the banner can be done by one person. This ensures minimal costs and a maximum ROI for your advertising campaign.

Publiwall's mobility enables the gigantic area to resurface at the unexpected places for the consumers and as such creates a constant and bigger element of surprise. The mobility enables you to choose your location and to easily manage short term or long term advertising campaigns.


Publiwall uses high quality sunblock banners. They disables the shine through of natural light and sunlight. The high quality print @ 300DPI garanties the ultimate visual experience.


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