About publiwall.com

It's our mission to give companies the ultimate marketing product so they can bring their postering campaign to the next level and get the highest yield out of every campaign.

By developing the most advanced system in mobile marketing panels, we create an enormous visibility for any action or advertising campaign. The extreme high attraction rate and professional appearance of the Publiwall creates the necessary attention the client wishes and deserves for his company.

Standing out

The sole purpose of the Publiwall is to stand out!

If your product or advertisement has to stand out, Publiwall is the only suitable partner to give that extra boost to your campaign or event.

The Publiwall is an advertisement-trailer which unfolds very fast to a gigantic surface of 55 or 120 m².

By contacting us, we can create the best solution to further your product or campaign.


  • the gigantic surface is seared into the brain
  • affordable with a maximum yield
  • easy to translocate
  • catches immediately the eye
  • bigger reach than local paper or advertisement
  • high quality print @ 300DPI
  • duplex printed banner
  • high element of surprise by size and mobility


  • robust sytem, tailor-made
  • fully automated
  • lit in darkness or at nighttime
  • automatic safety measures during stormy weather
  • professional construction, made in tempered steel
  • fast and easy to fold
  • high quality sunblock canvas